Maruti V Pujar

CareerDNA team and Jai Shankar Sir have played an important role in my career. At one point in time, I did not have proper career planning, but now I know my interests. I was unsure of whether I should go ahead with my studies or take up a job. With Sir’s guidance, I am currently… Continue reading Maruti V Pujar

Abhishek Kundu

I was very much confused about my career as I am already employed and not happy with my current profession. So I approached this institute for my counseling session. First they took my detailed test to know my area of interest, my strength, weakness and so many parameters. After taking the test they analysed the… Continue reading Abhishek Kundu

Shovan Bhattacharya

I had come to CareerDNA to upgrade myself in my career, to progress in my career. Basically, I am employed but at this age, I want to upgrade myself. So, firstly the tests that CareerDNA took for analysis, that is amazing. To be honest, I didn’t expect them to understand so many details about me… Continue reading Shovan Bhattacharya


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