Ssanvee Vijay

It was really enlightening session which helped solve a lot of confusion I had about which subjects to choose and the careers to opt for. I now have a clearer idea about what vocation I want to pursue.

Shruti Patel

After my 10th I was quite confused about what subjects I should take like any other school student. I had a follow up session on the the 27th of July and Career DNA has absolutely helped me solve and get a clearer picture of my career.With the psychometric test now I know which are the… Continue reading Shruti Patel

Abu Bakar

Before attending the session I was really confused about what to pursue my undergraduate course and had multiple options in mind But after the counseling session I’m clear with all my queries and Neeta ma’am was really helpful and supportive in telling me the fields and courses I should explore.

Indranil Gon

The overall program was very useful for students like me who were utterly confused with what to do after 12. The test provided accurate results about my personality, interests and right vocations. Also Neeta Ma’am gave me so many advices which i think would help me in future. Thanks for collaborating with our school and… Continue reading Indranil Gon


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