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We are at an impressionable age when we are asked to choose our stream, which eventually decides our career path. And more often than not, our decisions are influenced by the opinions of our parents, relatives and friends. It seldom happens that we choose our career path based upon our interests, ability and personality. Remarkably, the trend seems to be changing now. According to the recent 2021 IC3 Institute Student Quest Survey conducted by the Financial Express, over 71 per cent of students think critically about future employment.

Ws of Career Counselling

1. What

With more than 4000 career options to choose from only in India, choosing a career can be a challenging task to do on our own. Career Counselling makes this journey easier and guides us to set a definite and attainable goal for ourselves. Career Counselling at CareerDNA is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Psychometric & Graphology Analysis
  2. Career Report
  3. One-to-one Session with Career Expert

2. When

You can take Career Counselling at any point in your life after attaining the age of 14 years.

3. Who

You can go for Career Counselling if you are a: ·

  • School Goer above 14 years
  • School/College Dropout
  • Graduate
  • Unemployed
  • Working Professional

4. Why

Career Counselling with its scientific basis helps us find a direction to our aspirations based upon our interests and abilities. The fact that an average human spends a major period of their lives in the professional sphere adds a colour of utmost importance to this decision.

With the uncertainty that the pandemic has brought in, in the last 2 years – in both the way the education sector works and the way the professional world has been adapting to the changes to suit their operational needs – has made an already unfamiliar transition phase from education-to-work an unknown territory for most of us.

Now more than ever before, it is imperative that we make an informed career decision.

And our career counsellors are here to help.

A rise in the demand for Career Counselling

Fortunately, Career counsellors do not only come with the expertise to guide us in the right direction concerning stream and course selection, but they also possess knowledge about the current trends prevailing in the job market. With constant study and research, they keep themselves updated to suit the aspirational needs of all students.

We can comprehend the increase in the demand for career counsellors from the results of the NACAC–IC3 Joint Survey Report conducted by the Financial Express – Over 70 per cent of students who participated in the survey actively opted for career counselling.

Regrettably, India currently has only 1 lakh career counsellors to meet the needs of its 315 million-strong student population. CareerDNA is on a mission to bridge this gap and help you make your career by choice, and not by chance.

Take the initial consultation today and get started with us on your journey to growth and career fulfilment.


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