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At CareerDNA, we understand the importance of early action and expert guidance to help students reach their true potential. We are the only career guidance provider to use psychometric tests and student profile along with handwriting analysis so that you make the right career choice based on accurate analysis of your interests, ability and personality. Get yourself registered here.


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Mr. Jaishankar Gopalan

He brings 30 years of experience in Career Counselling, Behavioural and Corporate Training. His passion for career guidance and counselling has over 3,00,000 students taking informed career decisions. One of the top 3 Career Counsellors of our country, he holds a degree in Management from IIM Calcutta. When not guiding students, you will most probably find him devouring books or making his next travel plan. Watch him as TEDx Speaker on to understand The Trinity of Career Guidance. Read More


Ms. Neeta Nahata

She is a competent professional with over 18 years of post-qualification experience in training & career guidance.She is an SRCC alumna and a Chartered Accountant. She is passionate about engaging and empowering young people to develop their own career stories tuned to their abilities, interest & personality. She has trained CA aspirants, College graduates, and High school students and enabled them to achieve their education dreams. She is a certified Graphologist and has been counselling young adults about opportunities in India & abroad. An excellent script writer and an amateur actor, Ms Nahata loves reading about human behaviour and swears by yoga and meditation. Read More


Mr. Prakash Nahata

He holds a degree in Commerce from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and an MBA from Jadavpur University. He is the CEO of Anthroplace Consulting Pvt. Ltd (A consulting firm engaged in recruitment, training & strategic consulting). He is a qualified Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant and Company Secretary. He has over two decades of experience in education and counselling. An athlete himself, Mr Nahata also runs VPlay, a world-class sport and recreational infrastructure. Read More

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Before attending the session I was really confused about what to pursue in my undergraduate course and had multiple options in mind. But after the counselling session, I’m clear with all my queries and Neeta Ma’am was really helpful and supportive in telling me the fields and courses I should explore.

SK MD Abu Bakar, St. Joseph’s College


The session was really insightful and warm. Jaishankar Sir gave me important advice and even clarified all my doubts. The entire process has been really uplifting! Thank you CareerDNA!

Asmita Srivastava, Aligarh Muslim University


I had come to CareerDNA to upgrade myself in my career, to progress in my career. Basically, I am employed but at this age, I want to upgrade myself. So, firstly the tests that CareerDNA took for analysis, that is amazing. To be honest, I didn’t expect them to understand so many details about me from those tests. After that, I came for my counselling session which was taken by Prakash Sir. He explained to me my personality, the interpretation, what I can do, where I can proceed, beautifully. I’m 34 years old, so this is an important thing. He advised me about everything, even where I can move to later and has asked me to keep in touch also. Really, thank you, CareerDNA.

Shovan Bhattacharya, United Nanotech Products Limited


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