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In order to suggest the right career to a student, one needs to understand the following things...

 The kind of activities that interests the student
 The kind of activities the student is most likely to succeed in
 The skills and abilities the he/she possesses
 The kind of activities that suit the his/ her personality

The Psychometric Assessment evaluates the student's interests, skills, abilities and personality. It gives our Experts the insight needed before suggesting the right career path. The assessment takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Graphology, Grapho analyis or Handwriting analysis is taken to understand the student's personality. It gives us an insight into the student's psychological state. Our Graphology Expert is then able to advice the student on improving his/her characteristics and traits. Its a vital tool in deciding the career options.

The 3-page Career Report is result of the evaluation of the assessment, the student's academic performance, as well as his/her dream career (if the student has considered it). Its contains the details of the interest, personality and the courses and vocations suitable for the student.

 Page 1: It includes the student's interest-motives on ten parameters.
 Page 2: It contains the details of the 5 aspects of personality.
 Page 3: It comprises of the entire career path, i.e. stream (if the student is yet to choose it), courses to be taken up and vocations suitable for the student.

The individual counselling involves a one-on-one session with one of our Career Experts. We have a panel of Experts comprising of career coaches, professionals, educationists and psychologists. All the queries, doubts about the courses and careers are taken care of. Parents/ Guardians are part of the session. Behavioral queries are also looked into. Students are suggested ways to improve their academic performance and overcome any behavioral difficulties. Individual Counselling gives the students and his/her parents, the complete guidance on his/her education and career.

Feedback is taken from the students regarding further information needed by them regarding the courses and colleges offering the courses. An additional session with Expert is also provided if needed.