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Your Career choice will determine your future. Choosing the right one can help you lead a happy and successful life and a bad career choice can leave you feeling dissatisfied all your life. Career guidance can help you determine your suitable Career path. It takes into account your interests, skills, abilities and personality. It helps you discover a wide variety of careers, both mainstream and off beat. It also helps you understand yourself better. It tells you which courses to take up, it motivates you and suggests you ways to overcome your limitations. It provides the complete guidance that you require to climb up your Career Ladder.
You can always choose your own career, but with the right scientific process you can choose the RIGHT career. With family, friends and media influencing your every thought, it helps to have a result based purely on your skills and abilities.
A psychometric assessment is a scientific way of understanding one's skills and abilities while taking into account their interests and personality. In short, it helps us understand YOU so that we can suggest the right careers for YOU.
Yes, every information shared by the student is confidential.
Yes, we will. We will be suggesting streams for you and will also be helping you out with the subject combination.
After class X, one is able to choose the stream they want to go into. They are also able to choose the subject combination. In certain schools, they are able to do that by the time they are in Class VIII. Our Career Guidance Process can help you with the streams that would be suitable for you, along with the subject combination.
Post Class XII, you get a variety of options. However it is important to study the course best suited for you. Career Guidance can help you understand that.
It takes a total of 2 days to complete the entire process. On the first day you take the assessment, then after 2-3 days we call you for your session with our Career Expert. You get your Career Report on the same day.
Yes, it can be done.
We would be mailing everything that you would need for the assessment along with an instruction sheet. We would provide you with our contact details so that you can call us or mail us in case of any problem that you might face while taking the assessment.
We would mail you the Career Report and the session with our Expert would be done over Skype or phone.
Yes, we can. Take our psychometric assessment to help us understand your skills and abilities. On evaluation of that, we would be able to guide you to the right direction.
We will provide information regarding the right colleges, and we will help you with the admission procedure, which will make you self-reliant to get through.
Yes we can. We can provide you information regarding the colleges best suited for you and the your chosen course.
We will help you out with the admissions dates, admissions procedures and the entrance exams patterns.